Your Limitations on the Current Preparation Software available

  • The software your currently using was developed by software developers and corporate attorneys with limited field experience.
  • Most bankruptcy software companies are using outdated 1980s technology.
  • Pricing options are mostly paying upfront, over-priced with limited options No instructions or tutorials for the client to use at home.
  • The questionnaire and forms are only available in English
  • Difficulty for attorneys and support staff to communicate in one place with clients
  • Incomplete questionnaires
  • Attorneys need to obtain (chase clients) documents from clients
  • Attorneys and support staff receive bad-quality images of documents, that can't be read, used or sent as supporting documents to Trustee's.

What Makes Bk Unique and First in its Class

  • Our software was developed by a bankruptcy paralegal with over 14 years of experience, not an attorney and/or software engineer.
  • We are using mainstream technology, already available to everyone, to modernize your bankruptcy practice
  • Clients can fill out the questionnaire, scan and upload documents, from their mobile, tablet, or desktop devices, or a combination of all.
  • No need for anymore expensive trips to Fedex, Kinkos, or bad faxes and pictures you can't read or use.
  • Our step-by-step instructional tutorial videos in English and Spanish, assist you in getting more accurate and better-completed questionnaires
  • Clients can fill out the questionnaire, scan and upload documents, from their mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • We are also the first to provide you with the tools to service your Spanish-speaking clients with forms, English-to-Spanish chat translators, and much more

These are just some of the ways our Software will pave the way for bankrupcy business. Some of our other distinctive features include…

Thanks to our current technology, you do not need to speak Spanish to communicate and properly serve the Spanish-speaking community

  • White Labeling and Branding our software with your firms' name and logo.
  • Our software has a Attorney/Client Document Portal to send any documents including the completed petitions for client signature.
  • Clients can run their own credit reports along with liens and judgments integrated into our questionnaire seamlessly. (They Auto populate into the questionnaire)
  • Our apps include Vin decoder for vehicle with KBB and NADA links for value, They read reads All 5O states drivers license/Gov ID's and auto populate the information into the questionnaire.
  • Payroll Assistant TM auto populates and calculates client payroll info & uploads pay stubs for last 13 months
  • Common Creditor List with auto-complete embedded into the client questionnaire
  • Our BK Assistant Auto Population System™ will auto populate the entire petition
  • Our system has new technology with easy-to-use preparation software
  • Our software merges and is compatible with other popular petition prep softwares on the market.
We would love to explain what else we can do for you, so give us a call or schedule a consultation

Everything you wanted in a bankruptcy software is here, we are improving our software everyday. If there was something we missed, such as local form, or anything you would like to see added, we are here to listen and implement. We are committed to delivering the best possible unique solution in bankruptcy.

Send us all your suggestions and feedback at