This Agreement for Services is made between: ___________________________________________

(Hereinafter referred to as “Law Firm”) and BK Assistant, Inc. 24881 Alicia Parkway, Suite E497, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.

The agreement is a services agreement only. The Law Firm is responsible for its client’s information. The Law Firm accepts and acknowledges BK Assistant, Inc. is only offering its software and website information and capabilities to its clients as a useful tool in getting client information to the attorney for the purposes of preparing a bankruptcy petition. The Law Firm agrees and understands BK Assistant, Inc. is simply a software and information site, not a Law Firm or attorneys. The Law Firm agrees and understands the Law Firm is contracting with BK Assistant, Inc. and can’t hold BK Assistant, Inc. liable for anything regarding it clients.


The Law Firm agrees to and understands BK Assistant, Inc. holds onto the client information 6 months. After the 6 months period BK Assistant, Inc. deletes the client information of all clients, unless the Law Firm signs up for BK Assistant, Inc. to hold onto their client’s information for a longer contracted period. The Law Firm agrees and understands BK Assistant, Inc. doesn’t sell or share any information it receives with anybody. The Law Firm agrees and understands as a contractor of the Law Firm any information received by BK Assistant, Inc. from and through its software is attorney client’s privilege and will not be shared or given to anyone without written consent from the Law Firms said client and the Law Firm itself.


BK Assistant, Inc. agrees to maintain in confidence and not to disclose any confidential Client information received from the Client(s). Unless instructed by the Client, BK Assistant, Inc. further agrees not share any of the information given to it by the Client(s) without written consent, except to the law firm assigned for questionnaire services.


At the time this agreement has been signed legally BK Assistant, Inc. is not required to provide a privacy notice by any federal or state law. If there is any state and/or federal law BK Assistant, inc. isn’t aware of that would require a privacy notice, the Law Firm would be required to provide that to their own client as BK Assistant, Inc. is a contractor of the law firm only.


BK Assistant, Inc. and the Law Firm agree to the following terms, currently the price for agreed upon contracted services is $45.00 per client. There are no set up fees. This contract is on a client-by-client basis only. BK Assistant, Inc. reserves the right to change the pricing at any point and time on a client per client basis, as both parties agree this is a client-by-client contract, not an all the Law Firm’s client contract. Currently BK Assistant, Inc. doesn’t charge or have any additional services. Any additional services used by the Law Firm at additional costs in the future will be incorporated into this agreement within the same terms.


BK Assistant, Inc. and the Law Firm agree to the following terms for refunds and/or credits. A refund will only be issued if the Law Firm and BK Assistant, Inc. agree it pertinent or a fair business practice to do so. The Law Firm agrees to have its credit card on file with BK Assistant, Inc. for Client questionnaires. The law Firm agrees and understands the Law Firm is charged once their client submits the questionnaire and documents to the Law Firm. The Law Firm understands and agrees this is their client stating they have filled out the information and/or documents needed to go to the attorney to populate their bankruptcy petition. A refund will only be issued upon the sole discretion of BK Assistant, Inc. The Law Firm will be the sole decision maker of a refund or a credit. The Law Firm would notify BK Assistant, Inc. in writing that it wants to receive a refund or a credit on a given client. A refund will be done within 30days back to the credit card charged for the service. A credit will be given by BK Assistant, Inc. through the Admin at BK Assistant, Inc. sending a new client the questionnaire through the Law Firms portal and assigning it to the attorney being given the credit.

Both Parties agree to the terms set forth in this Agreement for Services and attest that both have retained a copy of this document for their own records. By signing below, we both affirm that the statements in this document are true and correct to the best of our knowledge and legally binding.